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Babalu Boutiques main focus is searching for and bringing you the latest unique, fashion forward, fun and fabulous jewelry, handbags, accessories and apparel from near and afar and providing you with the ultimate shopping experience!

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Shelli’s Story

Hi! My name is Shelli Mitch , I’m the owner and founder of Babalu Boutique. The name was chosen by my son when he was little, and named after a game he and his aunt played while watching I Love Lucy! My love for unique fashion, traveling and entrepreneurial spirit began at a very young age. Growing up, I would often pick lemons from the tree in our backyard and sweet pea flowers from the garden and bundle them up, put them in a wagon and head out into the neighborhood selling them. I also bartered with the ice cream man by trading lemons and tomatoes for ice cream!

When traveling on road trips with my dad I would find the coolest things, buy extras of what I loved and give or sell them to friends.

I spent many weekends driving up to the LA Garment district with friends as a teen to get the newest fashions a year before they hit San Diego. I always dreamed of being a buyer because they would get to go in the back where the non-retailers couldn’t go and get the next seasons fashions first! I also loved driving up the coast and on one day trip came across a super cute boutique called Astrid’s in Laguna Beach. That boutique sparked my desire to one day own a boutique of my own.

Years later as a single parent I used my passion for fashion buying and selling to bring in extra income while raising my son. I opened an eBay store and held house parties and “trunk shows” literally selling out of my trunk. Everyone loved my products so much that in October of 2012 I decided to follow my dream and launched my own online store.


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